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Can you provide or arrange transportation?

Joy of Life can provide transportation to our center. And it is also perfectly fine for a family member/caregiver to provide transportation if they are able.

What if my loved one is not sure they want to attend?

We understand that taking the first step can be difficult and fear of what to expect is common with new members. Our staff is very experienced in acclimating new members to the adult day care program and most realize within the first week that adult day care is actually a great time away from home. If your loved one is reluctant to join us, gently remind them that this is not a permanent move and that this positive change will help you take a break from caregiving.

Can my loved one attend the program if they have dementia, use a wheelchair, or are incontinent?

Yes, our facility provides medical adult day care and our staff is trained to work with members who have a variety of cognitive and physical impairments.

How do I get someone started in the program and how much does it cost?

Enrollment is currently underway and we ask that you either give us a call or stop by the facility. One of our team members will explain your options regarding cost after we've had the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your specific needs.